Inclusions that add that Wow Factor


Many couples like to include rituals or traditions specific to their heritage. For a multicultural marriage you may both wish to incorporate some ceremonial aspects from both cultures, a blending of traditions.

You don’t have to come from an ethnic background to include rituals in your ceremony. Customs such as Handfasting, a Rose Presentation, a Mothers Kiss, Tree of Life Love Lock, Circle of Love, a Dove or Butterfly Release are beautiful inclusions. Perhaps if you are marrying in the Vineyards, a Sharing of the Wine or a Champagne Toast, Love Letter and Wine Box ritual is how you'd like to add panache to your day. All are a fashionable and memorable addition to a wedding.


A Wedding Ceremony offers a unique opportunity, through ritual, to say a thank you to your parents and friends, asking for their continued support. Family unity can be expressed through a Candle Lighting, a Warming of the Rings, Truce Bell, a Crystal Wish Unity Bowl, a Ribbon or Elemental Blessing ritual. Any additions further personalise your ceremony, reflect your individuality and enhance your day.


Themed Weddings


Whilst weddings are meant to be memorable affairs some are more memorable than others. A themed ceremony can transport you and your guests into another time and place. It can be as casual as an Island Hawaiian Sarong or a Beach theme, Vintage inspired, a romantic Secret Garden setting or something as eloquent as Cinderella and her Prince Charming at the Grand Ball. Whatever you have in mind we can make it happen.

Including the children

There are many occasions when a marriage not only joins the couple but also creates a family. If there are children from your present or a previous relationship, there are many rituals that can be utilised to involve them and make them feel special, but age and their willingness to participate should be considered and a "go with the flow" approach is recommended. Typically young children may be a flower girl or ring bearer, or even have the privilege of being part of the Giving Away - but they can participate in many ways. As children love noise and if they are to be part of the processional, they may like to share their musical talents with some bell ringing, or the bells can be used to announce the important sections within the ceremony.  You may wish to share additional vows of love, present them with a gift, or have them contribute in a Stone, Tree of Life, Love Locks, Sand Blending or Ribbon Blessing ritual, a visual public declaration of family unity.