The Priceless Gift of Love

​Celebrations and rituals are an important part of our lives and there is no greater celebration than the expression of love and unity made at a Wedding Ceremony.

Marriage Equality for same sex and non gender specific couples in Australia finally became legal on 9th December 2017, with the passing of the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017 by the Australian Parliament. This change in the law allows all couples to marry, bringing equality to all.  As a marriage celebrant to be a part of this history making event, is worthy of celebrating.


Love is a miraculous gift, and a wedding is a celebration of that magic. Now that you are taking your relationship to that next stage of commitment, there are so many unanswered questions and the unknown to muddle through. A good place to start the process of creating that special stress free day is to select a celebrant that will guide you through the whole process. Someone who will offer opinions to help create a ceremony that reflects your beliefs, philosophy or cultural heritage, a celebrant that suits your personality and allows the opportunity for free expression. A great chance to show the love you share and have an amazing time doing so.

Weddings are no longer just traditional affairs, but more unique and personalised these days with an array of rituals and ideas to incorporate and showcase “you”.  Because putting your feelings into words may be seen as a difficult process, I offer a varied selection of ideas to be employed throughout the ceremony, including readings and rituals, or you may wish to utilise any of my suggestions to help draw inspiration in designing something that is specific to your needs. The very act of creating your ceremony together can be a special journey of togetherness and insight.


The vows, the solemn promises you share are the heart of why a wedding has such an emotional impact, as they reflect your inner most thoughts and feelings. In designing your own vows you can truly add your personal touch-they can be cheeky, humorous or have your guests expressing tears of joy.  Or perhaps one of my sample selections will reflect your feelings.  I shall guide you through the legal requirements and, other than a mandatory line in the Vows and the Monitum taken from the Marriage Act, you have complete control in designing your ceremony. This is your special day, so be daring and adventurous allowing me to support you along the way.


I offer a high standard of service at an affordable price with three pricing levels; "Elopement", “No Frills” and “Deluxe” package. Regardless of the style of ceremony you are looking for, I will work with you throughout to ensure the whole process is fun and delivers all you’re anticipating. A free rehearsal at my home is included but, if you require a rehearsal at your venue, a travel fee may apply.

"A  wedding ceremony is a story which tells the past, proclaims the present and blesses the future.”

Author Gerald Fierst



Elopement Ceremony

Short and Sweet 

  • A romantic affordable option, with just your chosen few attending (maximum of 6 people if held in my office).

  • For couples who just want to marry, without the traditional inclusions.

  • Conducted in my office, at your home, or at a your chosen venue. 

  • Select from sample choices to design your ceremony.

  • All legalities included.

NB: A travel fee will  apply if your ceremony isn't held in my office.  Also,

you will need to supply your own table, chair, cloth and music.

Cost $450.

No additional fees unless you upgrade

For those that just want the legal requirements.

No Frills Ceremony

Back to Basics 

  • A personalised ceremony with all the traditional esssentials. Many samples and readings to choose from. 

  • PA supplied if required.

  • All legalities included.




NB: You will need to supply your own      table, chair, cloth, music and any              other extras required.

Cost $500.

No additional fees unless you upgrade

A heartfelt ceremony without the fuss.

Deluxe Ceremony

All the Bells & Whistles


  • Extensive choices throughout, customised to accomodate any special requirements. 

  • As many meetings as required to make your ceremony perfect.

  • Signing Table, Chair and Cloths.

  • Quill Pen.

  • Commemorative copy of your ceremony.

  • PA (my husband will play your pre-recorded choice of music during the ceremony).

  • All legalities included.

Cost $550.

Additional fees may apply if rituals are included 

Personally designed to meet your exact needs.