Reflections of a Loved One



Saying a farewell to someone you love is one of the most difficult yet intimate of experiences. A meaningful ceremony can leave you with a wealth of beautiful memories and is the first step in the healing process.


In recent times there has been a shift away from the sombre, grief focused Funeral Service, to a more customised Memorial Service known as a “Celebration of Life”. This style of ceremony encourages family and friends to honour a loved one’s passing in an uplifting approach which is focused on their life accomplishments, those they have inspired, the legacy they leave behind and the joyous gift of having known them. This shift of focus encourages remembering their endearing qualities with a smile and a laugh which can often lessen the sorrow, even if it is for a short time.


Many families are unaware that they have the right to choose their own celebrant. As a Qualified Funeral Celebrant I shall work hand in hand with your Funeral Director to ensure the highest standard of service. I shall listen and confer with your family members to gather the information necessary to capture the true essence of the deceased, to tell their story and deliver it with respect and empathy.


You may wish to include rituals within the ceremony, such as a Candle Lighting, share a reading, have a slide show of family photos, place flowers, letters of farewell or articles that depict the deceased can be placed on the coffin or a table.

A moving finale to the service can be the symbolic beauty of a White Dove Release, a symbol of hope and peace, farewelling the deceased as they journey home to their final resting place. Likewise, a Balloon Release can be a very consoling way for children or grandchildren to be involved; they may wish to enclose a final wish or a picture that can be placed in the balloons prior to their release.


Planning Ahead...

What shall your final farewell say about you? If you would like to consult with me in personalising your own "Celebration of Life Ceremony" I can ensure you it’s an easy non morbid process. It enables you to tell your own story as seen through your eyes, thus assuring freedom of expression and peace of mind. Having things in place when your time comes also elevates a great deal of pressure for your grieving family members. ​


I am sure you will find the following Lifeline link very helpful in your time of sorrow:


Coping with Loss and Grief...