Celebrating Significant Events


Any special occasions or events such as milestone birthdays and anniversaries should be acknowledged. Never pass up an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends, for long after the occasion has passed you are left with treasured memories. 


A type of “This is your Life” ceremony - a description of your happy and loving marriage, or any other meaningful event.  A recollection of memories with a photographic journey.


Mother To Be Ceremony


A ceremony that celebrates womanhood. The focus of this ceremony is on nurturing and pampering the mother to be, bringing together an intimate gathering of women to express their love and support.

House Dedication/Blessing


Your home is your castle and your sanctuary. This cleansing ritual or smudging is intended to remove any negative influences that may have previously occurred in your home and to protect the inhabitants.

Retirement Celebration


It’s time to indulge in all those hobbies and adventures you’ve only dreamt about. Sharing memories with family, friends and work colleagues, leaving one phase of your life behind and moving on to the next.


Boat Launching/Blessing Ceremony


You may choose to cleanse your new vessel of any negative forces or offer a blessing as its name is unveiled.  To ensure good luck, fair winds and smooth seas for all who travel on her.


Business Opening/Blessing Ceremony


Make a statement of your intention through a ceremony. Acknowledging those who have helped to bring it about, inviting possible future clients, local dignitaries and, of course, the media.

Graduation Ceremony


A rite of passage for a student who has completed a phase of academic achievement.  Paying tribute to the teachers and parents, acknowledge the accomplishments the student has made and expressing future endeavours.


Divorce/Relinquishing Ceremony...


This ceremony is not about “bagging the ex out”. The focus is on healing the heart, forgiveness, relinquishing the past and, through acceptance and working towards establishing a new future.

Pet Funerals/Celebrations


The special affection that people feel for their pets, those other special family members, is of great significance in one’s life. You may wish to make a celebration of their arrival, a birthday celebration, or have a St Francis of Assisi Day ceremony.

A pet’s funeral can be a great comfort and assist in the grieving process. I can work with you to create a ceremony to celebrate and give thanks for the gift of your much-loved companion.